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New York Style Specialy Gluten Free Pizza - Pizza & More
18th Street Location

Queens New York Style Specialty Gluten Free Pizza


9". Garlic-based white sauce, grilled chicken breast, mushroom, and red onion

Topping Addition | GF Pizza:Artichoke Hearts +$1.05Bell Peppers +$1.05Black Olives +$1.05Mushrooms +$1.05Onions +$1.05Pesto Sauce +$1.05Pineapple +$1.05Tomatoes +$1.05Sun Dried Tomatoes +$1.05White Sauce +$1.05Jalapeños +$1.05Bacon +$1.05Canadian Style Bacon +$1.05Extra Cheese +$1.05White Chicken Meat +$1.05Hamburger +$1.05Italian Sausage +$1.05Sliced Linguica +$1.05Pepperoni +$1.05